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USB2.0 Products
USB 2.0 Switch

USB 2.0 2 Port
Semi-Auto Switch

USB-211 USB 2.0 2 Port Semi-Auto Switch

USB data Switch allows two computers to share one USB printer or one USB 2.0 device. It can reduce your efforts on hot-plug USB devices between computer back and forth. USB2.0 data switch are built-in not only one push button but also “Hot Key” function for IBM PC compatible. The “Hot Key” function help the user does not leave his desk to press the select button and retrieve the USB port back to him right away. USB2.0 data switch also are supported to extend your USB2.0 port by adding a USB2.0 hub at this USB device port


  • Two computers share one USB printer or the other USB2.0 device
  • Compliant with USB specification rev. 2.0
  • Using push button, hot key to switch USB device port between PCs and easy operation
  • Using push button to switch USB device port between iMACs or SUN Micro systems
  • Support both EHCI,UHCI and OHCI USB interface
  • Easy extend USB down stream ports or add a 4 or 7 port USB Hub to this USB device port for more USB devices connected to your computer
  • Easy to share the other USB peripherals like USB card reader, USB to USB bridge, USB storage or other USB accessories
  • Support Windows 98 /98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 and Mac OS