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DisplayPort Cable
DisplayPort Cable

 DisplayPort is a new digital display interface standard design to replace DVI, LVDS, and VGA. It is designed to serve a solution for PCs, monitors, panels, projectors, and high definition content applications. It provides application support for up to 10.8Gbps.

 DisplayPort M/M
Assembly W/Latch

  DisplayPort HDMI DVI
Data pairs 1 / 2 / 4 pairs 4 pairs 4 / 7 pairs
Bit rate per pair 2.7Gbps
(1.62Gbps option)
Up to 3.4Gbps Up to 1.65Gbps
Total raw bandwidth
(4 paris)
10.8Gbps Up to 10.2Gbps Up to 4.95Gbps
Audio Support Yes Yes No
Channel Coding ANS18B / 10B TMDS TMDS
Content Protection HDCP / DPCP optional HDCP HDCP optional